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When would you like to see a wipe?

Sept 29th Full Wipe
Sept 29th Map Wipe Only
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Oct 6th Full Wipe
Oct 6th Whatever the devs force
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Next Wipe

Postby BlueBob88 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:27 am

The server population has been way down lately and I think it is time for some sort of wipe to attract new players.

I personally would push for a full wipe tomorrow. I always enjoy a fresh start and everyone on the same level. Keep in mind there will be at least a forced map wipe on Oct 6th. There is always the possibility of a forced BP wipe also, but that is up to the devs. They are also working on a new component system to get rid of levels and XP all together; I have no idea when that will be coming out.

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