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Raiding and PvP is welcome here, griefing will see you removed. If there is something you would like to see on the server you can take it to our forums, catch a admin online or there is a mailbox near each lighthouse that you can drop suggestions in, teamspeak is available with locked channels for groups as well as a public channel.

***Steam/Rust User Name:***
Please make sure you are alive, somewhere safe and type your full name correctly
1 Supply Signal$5.00 USD
10,000 Stone$3.00 USD
15,000 Wood$3.00 USD
500 Low Grade Fuel$2.00 USD
500 Leather$0.99 USD
500 Wooden Arrow$0.99 USD
5 Armored Door$6.00 USD
5 Code Lock$0.75 USD
1 Large Water Catcher$0.99 USD
1 Mining Quarry$3.00 USD
4 Reinforced Window Bars$0.99 USD
5 Sheet Metal Door$2.50 USD
1 Small Water Catcher$0.50 USD
3 Furnace$1.75 USD
10 Lantern$2.00 USD
1 Large Furnace$2.00 USD
7 Large Wood Box$0.99 USD
1 Repair Bench$0.75 USD
3 Sleeping Bag$0.50 USD
1 Small Oil Refinery$2.00 USD
8 Bandana Mask$0.50 USD
8 Baseball Cap$0.50 USD
8 Beenie Hat$0.50 USD
8 Boonie Hat$0.50 USD
4 Boots$0.75 USD
8 Candle Hat$0.50 USD
4 Hoodie$0.99 USD
4 Jacket$0.99 USD
8 Miners Hat$0.50 USD
8 Pants$0.50 USD
4 Riot Helmet$0.99 USD
4 Santa Hat$0.99 USD
4 Snow Jacket Red$0.99 USD
4 Wolf Headdress$1.99 USD
8 Wood Armor Pants$0.50 USD
8 Wood Chestplate$0.50 USD
30 Gears$2.00 USD
20 Rope$0.99 USD
50 Sewing Kit$0.99 USD
20 Tarp$0.99 USD
30 Anti-Radiation Pills$0.99 USD
10 Large Medkit$1.75 USD
100 Blueberries$2.00 USD

If you would like to remain annoymous please add me on Steam and I will deliver your resources to you. My Steam profile.

Help us keep the server up by donating. Buying resources also helps us pay for the server.

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