Noob Town - New Player & Solo Friendly

Discord: Rules 1. No PVP or Raiding for the first 4 days after wipe day. 2. No KOS (we are noob friendly) You may defend yourself if attacked. Do not openly attack someone who is farming outside your base. 3. PVP around airdrops and monuments only please. Do not camp monuments looking for pvp. 4. No greifing other players, this means... No door camping, No roof camping, No walling players in their own base or denying them access to their base in any way. 5. Players over 700 hours are not allowed to raid. This is a learning server and players over 700 hours are too experienced for the new player. 6. Do not argue with the admins. - Monthly Wipes - Be respectful of other players. No racial, sexual or otherwise toxic chat. - For the true Noob player there will be temporary occupancy structures located at the Noob Town cheap store area, to use until you find your build location. - When admins are avalible they will answer any questions or make sugestions if asked. - This is a community server and that is what we are striving for...a community to

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Please make sure you are alive, somewhere safe and type your full name correctly

If you would like to remain annoymous please add me on Steam and I will deliver your resources to you. My Steam profile.

Help us keep the server up by donating. Buying resources also helps us pay for the server.

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